What We Offer

We provide a range of services for researchers which are underpinned by rigor and best research practices. We assess organisational needs, develop strategic approaches to research and data, utilise qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate and understand programmes and services and we generate reports that are relevant and accessible for decision-makers in policy and practice.

Services for Decision Makers

There are many benefits to using evidence in your work. It can help your organisation to:

  • make informed decisions
  • improve effectiveness and efficiency of services
  • ensure accountability within organisations
  • reduce risk and improve performance
  • recognise and predict trends, impacts, outcomes and challenges
    compare and benchmark across different contexts.

We understand it can be very challenging to do this if you are very busy.


We offer a hands-on service tailored to your needs by:

  • finding the most relevant, up-to-date, high quality evidence for you
  • doing analysis and interpreting what the findings mean for your work
    producing reports
  • developing a a data and research strategy for your organisation and
    hosting workshops

Find Evidence

“Google’ is not a synonym for ‘research”  (Dan Brown, author of the Lost Symbol)

Do you ever do google searches for information and end up with 1 million or even more hits? What do you do then – start to scroll down? – open up a few documents? Read through them? Then give up? If you do you are not alone.


Lots of people do searches that end up being a waste of time because it is difficult to find and access the right research and sometimes, there can be so much material, it is difficult to know what is reliable or where to even start.


We can help you identify your main research question,  find relevant research for you either by locating it ourselves or by helping you to commission it from somebody else and make sure you are provided with a short short, easy to read report that has all the information you need. In summary, we draw on relevant research to answer your questions and provide you with a report that is focused, easy to read and timely.

Do Analysis

“Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom.” (Clifford Stoll)


Do you have lots of data in your organisation that is not being used? Perhaps there is data available that could help you understand what your organisation needs to do to provide a better service or policy?


We have expertise in both quantitative and qualitative analysis across a range of different types of research and we are happy to look at what you need and carry out an appropriate analysis on it for you.

Develop Strategy

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Unknown


Did you ever wonder why the right research is never available when you need it? Or why, by the time you have found the research, it is too late? The fact of the matter is – if you want to be able to use evidence to inform your decisions – that is, to be evidence based or informed – then you need to take a strategic approach.This type of approach will ensure you have up-to-date, relevant research when you need it and make decisions based on the best available evidence.


We have a developed a systematic approach to doing this that involves: Looking at your current situation Identifying your main research and data needs Agreeing priorities for development Developing a carefully-crafted strategy tailored to your needs.

Host Workshops

We can help decision-makers in your organisation make better use of research by giving detailed insights into how research is carried out and into how all research has some limitations. The key to using research well is to understand how these limitations impact on the findings. We deliver tailored courses for individuals and organisations that help to:

  1. Know how to search for good evidence
  2. Analyse and interpret data Understand research findings
  3. Get the best out of commissioned research
  4. For researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, we offer workshops on getting your work published.

Services for Researchers

Do you wonder why your research is not known about by decision-makers or why it is so difficult to have your findings reflected in policy?. Or perhaps you are obliged to demonstrate a tangible impact from your findings as part of your research funding?. Maybe you feel frustrated when your research is not used by policy makers or practitioners?.


There are many reasons why it is challenging to get research used by decision-makers but there are actions you can take that will help.


We have many years experience in this area and will take a hand-on approach to:


• helping you make your research relevant for key stakeholders

• working with your findings so that busy decision-makers find them easy to use

• increase your knowledge about what commissioners are looking for

Develop Strategy

More and more research funders are asking researchers to show how their findings make a tangible impact in policy or practice. If you are the Principal Investigator of a large study or in charge of a research programme we can help you take a strategic approach to making sure key stakeholders know about your work and use it.


We do this by identifying the most relevant policy and practice stakeholders and mapping out a course of action to make sure they know about and understand your work.


We will work in a hands on way with you to deliver on these actions.

Create Key Messages

Decision makers tend to be very busy and have limited time for identifying, accessing and reading long reports. If you want decision makers to use your research, it is important that it is presented in an accessible way. We can help you develop key messages from your research study and present them in a way that makes it easy for people to read.

Host Workshops

Delivering on commissioned research can be very challenging and while you might think you have produced the perfect report, the commissioners might think otherwise. Writing for decision-makers can be a very fine balance between presenting a robust report that demonstrates methodological rigor and a report that is accessible for those who are not researchers and not familiar with the same language.


We deliver tailored courses to help researchers understand how research is used by decision-makers in policy and practice organisations and to write research reports for commissioners with recommendations that are meaningful and likely to be used.